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E-commerce & Tech company accounting
We strive to provide clients with "paperless" accounting, automate processes and emphasize consulting. We provide accounting advice and consultancy for e-shops, tech, and e-commerce companies.
Cryptocurrency accounting
We provide unique accounting consulting for various types of crypto projects and transactions (token issuance, crypto trading, staking, liquidity mining, airdrops, crypto payroll).
Crypto income taxation & Foreign structuring
We advise clients on crypto transaction taxation, tax optimization options, cross-border structuring of transactions, and the associated risks of administrative and criminal penalties.
Crypto & Financial regulation
We advise on the regulation and taxation of crypto assets, the set-up and establishment of crypto funds, and on financing structures using the tokenization of services, tangible, and intangible assets (ICO, UTO, STO). We also advise the Slovak authorities.
Fund accounting
We are one of the very few consultancies dedicated to the regulation, establishment, and operation of funds from the legal, tax, and accounting perspectives. We provide comprehensive accounting services for small investment funds.
SME accounting
We manage our clients´ accounting. Clients benefit from a comprehensive awareness of their business agenda. In addition to consulting, we place an emphasis on digitalization and automation.
Law & Tax
ESOP and Employee stock
We handle employee shares and the entire ESOP process comprehensively, from the legal (we propose and draft the ESOP rules), accounting, and tax perspectives. Thus, our clients get all-inclusive service.
Law & Tax
Tax & contribution optimization
We strive to set up our clients' businesses in an efficient tax and contribution manner. We address optimization from the tax perspective, and in terms of legal challenges and practical implications.
Law & Tax
IT law, Tech law & Intellectual property
We provide our clients with comprehensive legal and tax advice on setting up transfers and protection of intellectual property rights (trademarks, patents, utility models, know-how).
Law & Tax
Financial regulation, Funds, Securities
We are expert advisors in financial (capital) market regulation, payment and investment services, financial intermediation, and financial market business.
Law & Tax
Tax and legal advice
Most of our legal advice features tax advice. This gives our clients qualitative comfort and, thanks to synergies (our one-stop shop) saves consultancy costs.
Law & Tax
Venture capital and M&A
We are experienced legal and tax advisors in M&A, private equity, and venture capital investments in high-growth companies (startups). We examine transactions comprehensively through legal and tax lenses.

Law, tax, and accounting in one place

Law & Tax

The law firm was founded by lawyers with backgrounds in major international law firms, Allen & Overy and 大成 Dentons, and extensive experience with significant local and cross-border transactions.

Our primary specializations are in tax law and tax optimization, M&A, venture capital investments, funds and collective investments, and IT/tech law. We provide flexible, clear, and tailored legal advice.


We are not conventional accountants. We want our clients' bookkeeping to be as digital and automated as possible. We want to be paid for adding value, not for manually uploading documents. We provide comprehensive accounting and payroll services for the SME segment, e-shops, and collective investment funds. We are tax advisors to companies, their owners, and investors in structuring complex business and asset sales.


We are one of the very few advisories in Slovakia to provide comprehensive tax, legal, and accounting advice for companies, services, and products using blockchain technology. We advise on the regulation and taxation of cryptocurrencies, including setting up and establishing fund structures that invest in virtual currencies. We offer consultation on regulatory analysis, design, and implementation of financing structures for companies using tokenization of services, as well as tangible and intangible assets (ICO, UTO, STO).


legal, tax, and accounting advisors


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Our expert conferences

Tax and legal optimization for IT and digital companies

The conference covered tax topics – contribution optimization for IT business, “employing self-employed persons – trade license holders”, investor entry, setting up a holding company, automated accounting, ESOP, legal, practical and tax pitfalls of scaling a business abroad, and operating with crypto.

Setting up and operating investment funds

The conference addressed the line between collective investment and standard equity financing, types of investment funds in Slovakia and practicalities of their establishment, shareholder relations between GPs and LPs, and taxation and accounting of funds.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans/Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs)

The conference explored the types of employee stock and share plans available in Slovak companies, the best practices in setting up vesting and good/bad leaver provisions, and the taxation of the granting and sale of employee shares, phantom stock, and options.


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Highgate Group is one-of-a-kind in Slovakia. Our comprehensive tax, legal, and accounting services allow us to deliver cost-effective and tailored advice.

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Law & Tax
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